For the removal of all doubt, in all works examined herein, the copyright in the work REMAINS ENTIRELY WITH THE RIGHTS HOLDER AND THE ARTIST.

In my riff analyses I am simply trying to examine and teach these riffs to other musicians and I claim neither rights rights nor ownership of any works presented on this site.

I intend no offense or infringement of anyone’s rights and should an artist (or their representative) become aware of my analysis of their work and decide that they want it taken down then I will comply.

My Own Work

All that tabs presented as being JTR tabs are my own work. They are as accurate to the record as possible given the often limited access and “interesting” mixes that are available commercially.

For more information on my committment to accuracy, see this page.

Teaching Purposes

Steps have been taken to make the tabs I create and share on this site as secure as possible by watermarking (JUST THE RIFFS TEACHING MATERIALS) and saving them as flattened images to prevent the removal of the added watermark. 

While this doesn’t stop anyone from downloading them it certainly makes them less attractive to anyone wishing to collate and distribute them themselves.

I will never make books or full downloadable tabs available without a license; any full transcriptions that are pieced together by others will have the JTR watermark (JUST THE RIFFS TEACHING MATERIALS) in them and that will show, pursuant to this committment that I had nothing to do with creating and distributing a full transcription without permission.

I am a musician and a music lover.

I create these analyses and lessons from a place of nerdiness and deep affection for the source material and respect for the artists who created them.

In the long run I do want to create downloadable and print on demand bound books of the tabs for people to buy as a way for me to give back to my favourite artists and provide musicians with the best quality materials to learn from.

I WILL NOT do this without legal permission.