About Just The Riffs

Who Is Just The Riffs?

It’s me, Jack. I’ve been a bass player for over 20 years and I’ve always had a nerdy obsession with sheet music. Not sure why but there you go 😀

Over the years I’ve transcribed a bunch of songs often just for my own use and from personal interest but more recently with the explosion of online tab sites I started to do it on a more “industrial” level and have around a 100+ tabs in play on my computer waiting for a final tweak.

I’m part of a partnership deal Faber Music wherein I can make available for sale (£1.25 by the way!) certain tabs to which they administer the rights. The other outlet it ultimate-guitar.com. They have thrashed out their own deal with the dark forces of the music industry and have a license to cover sooooooooo many artists it’s insane!

Where a tab in the lists you’ll find on my site here is to be found on ultimate-guitar.com you’ll see (UG) next to it in the link text. If there’s no (UG) there then it’s for sale on the store

Why Are The Discographies Incomplete?

I’ve deliberately left out any album for which I have not provided a tab to make searching for the ones that are available that much easier. No point wading through the first 15 albums of a discography to find the one tab in the 17th!

As I create and add more tabs from artists other albums I’ll add them into the listing.

Disclaimers etc…

All the images of album artwork and band likenesses remain the sole property of the owner and I claim no ownership in them at all. They’re iconic and cool so that’s why they’re in use. If they’re yours and you want to make a case for me removing them contact me at jackrandall@justtheriffs.com and we can talk about it…


Steps are taken on both the Store tabs and ultimate-guitar.com tabs to ensure the finished product is as accurate as possible but errors do creep in and sneak past the most vigilant of editors. If you do see something that’s not quite right then please let me know at errors@justtheriffs.com and I’ll do my best to correct them.