Tool – Vicarious Bass Tab

Tool – Vicarious Bass Tab Accepted


Woohoo! My bass tab for Vicarious by Rock Gods Tool has been accepted into the archive. I wasn’t sure it was going to to get in as there are plenty of versions of the song on there already and I’ve had “popular” songs rejected because there are too many versions already… 🙁

But no: it was accepted! A labour of love, such a beast of a track. A great 5/4 groove as you’d expect from Tool and some really nice subtle time changes in the chorus to accommodate longer and shorter versions of riffs.

There’s a bit of everything in this one; deep grooves, distorted tremolo picking, some fat chords and “that” melody in the intro.

If you’ve got GuitarPro then download this and get playing it, I hope you enjoy listening/playing it as much as I enjoyed tabbing it.

Tool – Vicarious Bass Tab