Tabs Under Approval

Tabs Awaiting Approval

I have some classic Bass Tabs in the pipeline waiting to get the green light from the Publishers. I’ve created a Bass Tab for Pantera classics Walk and Cowboys From Hell which will hopefully be available in the Store and I’ve just submitted my tidied up Bass Tab for Iron Maiden’s classic track Murders In The Rue Morgue.

The Maiden track starts with some nice picked harmonics which is a rare thing for Steve Harris to do; he’s a melody guy for sure but not a twiddly melody guy.

Both the Pantera tracks are transcribed directly from the isolated Bass Tracks (I love the internet! 🙂 ) so they’re as accurate as they can be. Certainly more accurate than a number of professionally published book versions I’ve read and tried to learn…

Recent Additions

There are a couple of recent additions to the Ultimate-Guitar catalogue that you may have missed including: