Tool – Vicarious Bass Tab

Tool - Vicarious Bass Tab Accepted

Woohoo! My bass tab for Vicarious by Rock Gods Tool has been accepted into the archive. I wasn't sure it was going to to get in as there

Tabs Approved

New Tabs In The Ultimate Guitar Archive

Some news! I've had some Iron Maiden Bass Tabs added to the archive at UG in the last few days. One of them is a Maiden classic and the other is more obscure

Tabs Under Approval

Tabs Awaiting Approval

I have some classic Bass Tabs in the pipeline waiting to get the green light from the Publishers. I've created a Bass Tab for Pantera classics Walk and Cowboys From Hell which

Classic Pantera Tracks Finished

Cowboys From Hell & Walk

So I spent today ripping through the bass tracks for the classic Pantera tracks Cowboys From Hell and Walk. Much heaviness ensued. :D

Good to get back on the Tab horse.

Album Of The Year

Machine Head: Bloodstone & Diamonds

This is my Album of The Year. I can't say that I've been buried in New Releases to review but I have to say that of all of the albums I've been exposed to this

Stevie Wonder – Sir Duke Bass Tab

Sir Duke Bass Tab 967 views

Not bad, my Sir Duke bass tab on has had 967 views/possible downloads. It's in GuitarPro format rather than the ASCII code text format so you can play